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Vipassana can lead us to understand that Buddhism is a liberation teaching based on a lucid and thorough understanding of the reality of things. It focuses on the fundamental facts of existence and self-liberation.

Kadampa Buddhism is a Mahayana Buddhist tradition founded by the great Indian teacher Atisha (982-1054). Kadampa Buddhists integrate their knowledge of all the Buddha's teachings into their Lamrim practice, and it is in their daily life. In this way, they transform all their activities on the path to enlightenment.

That all beings are well,

happy and at peace

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with Khun Chakkaratani

DATES / 2020

  • August 1st

  • September 5

  • October 3

  • November 7

  • December 5th

  • 7 of March

  • April 4

  • May 9

  • June 6th

  • July 4th

How to discover an intelligent consciousness that is beyond thought?
Aimed at all audiences, no experience is required.

  • First Saturday of each month from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

  • They teach: Khun Chakkaratani and / or Vipassana Meditation House Instructors.

  • Contribution: $ 200 (per session)

Contact: Khun Chakkaratani
or by phone: (+52) 5545 9328

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with Geo Legorreta

DATES / 2020

  • Every Wednesday of every month

Kadampa Buddhist practitioners integrate all the Buddha's teachings they have learned into Lamrim, taking them as advice to improve the quality of life

  • Wednesday, at 6:00 p.m.

  • Teacher: Sandra Bhen

  • Classes suitable for all levels

  • Contribution: $ 200 (per session)


Contact: GEO
or by phone: (+52) 155 5432 0230