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Program Summary

9 Months of continuous training with expert teachers. Our students are prepared to confidently exit the program to assume the role of a certified teacher.

We meet and exceed the 200 hour standards and norms of the Yoga Alliance and the Educational Categories of:
-Techniques, training and practice;
- Teaching methodology;
- Anatomy and physiology;
- Philosophy of Yoga, Ethics and Lifestyle;
- Practicum.

We provide twice the amount of practice and hands-on teaching methodology as other courses, in order to adequately and thoroughly prepare our students as yogis for their future role leading a class.

Training and certification in both Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, including the complete primary series, more than 50 additional asanas (postures), mantras, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, history, classical Yoga texts, ethics and lifestyle practices .

The LBVYMS Anatomy course is taught by a physician, who is also an expert in the field of Subtle Body Anatomy according to the system of Chinese Medicine and Traditional Mexican Medicine. His applied expertise in modern and traditional healthcare adds a unique layer to our program.

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- Total 9 modules:

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