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Yoga rooms are also often considered multipurpose spaces that can be adapted to other types of activities, such as rooms for therapeutic courses, spaces for group activities, work sessions, etc. and logically taking into account all the activities that resemble the practice of yoga and meditation such as: Chi kung, Shiatsu, Reiki, and Taichi for example.


Although each practice may require specific characteristics, most activities such as yoga are carried out in a large open central space, accompanied by a series of support rooms.
Where people meet to do the practice, and it is generally a free, flexible and adaptable plant for different uses. It is recommended to leave at least 1/2 meter of distance between the mats, to allow the free movement of the users during the exercises and to calculate the capacity of the space.

In short, when we talk about rooms for yoga or spaces to practice meditation, we are thinking of a room that has a warm and welcoming environment, with enough space for several people to stretch out on the floor without bothering each other. It is recommended to have floors that are well insulated (parquet, carpet, etc.) to avoid the feeling of cold. As well as being able to have mats, mats, cushions or pillows that can be used by users. Other recommendations may be to have a sound system with music for relaxation and lighting that can be adjusted according to the needs of the environment or the time of the activity.

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